Where is the Microsoft Cloud?

Interesting YouTube video, showcasing Microsoft Gen 2, Gen 3 and Gen 4 datacenter facilities.


The scale of these datacenters is pretty mind-boggling. Container approach looks like it may have been borrowed from somewhere… (Google comes to mind of course). But still, this is datacenter engineering at its finest.

This video does not quite answer where the CDN nodes and the actual Azure or Office 365 datacenters are around the world. When you sign into Azure, the location choices for your cloud services are:

  • West US
  • East US
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • West Europe
  • North Europe

Websites and Mobile Services are in preview as of this writing and appear to be available in a smaller number of datacenters. For example, Mobile Service can be created in West US or East US only. Websites can be created in West US, East Asia, West Europe and North Europe datacenters. SQL databases can be created in North Central US and South Central US in addition to all of the other datacenters mentioned above.

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